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If I were a young man again.....

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    Re: If I were a young man again.....

    Some engineering work is gratifying and rewarding. Occasionally you do something that makes a real difference to people. If you can get someone's 20 year old kid safely back on the aircraft carrier, that's a good thing.

    Sometimes it's grunt work, paperwork, reports, proposals and other necessary stuff that's no fun.

    Sometimes the office politics, looney requirements and dumb executives drive your blood pressure up (except when I'm the dumb executive, of course).

    Sometimes plumbing or (or electrical, or any of the trades) is gratifying and rewarding.

    Sometimes it's just mundane stuff but necessary.

    Sometimes you find yourself in the crawl space thinking, "life is too short for this".

    Bottom line... it's all work. That's why we can get paid to do it.


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      Re: If I were a young man again.....

      Hey everyone,

      Haven't been on in awhile, but I am glad that I came across this thread.

      I consider the people on this forum to be the most professional intelligent and informed of the trade, and I think it would be very interesting to hear what everyone started doing before they became plumbers, I did hear a med school drop out and law school drop out. What is every one's back ground.

      Personally I crammed a 4 year college degree into 6 years, it was not easy but I did it. 3 weeks after graduation I met the business end of a shovel and was knee deep in smelly mud. Livin the dream.



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        Re: If I were a young man again.....

        the last time i was up in the space station thinking of all the work i had to do on the Hubble telescope the next day i was wishing i was home in a hot boiler room replacing the boiler

        i would not change a thing this trade has shown me how to do a lot of different things that i do my self and do not have to pay people to come and do it .and i like it that way

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          Re: If I were a young man again.....

          I was a customer service rep for AT&T long distance when a friend got me to come out and talk to his boss about a job as a plumbers helper
          Originally posted by NHMaster3015
          No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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            Re: If I were a young man again.....

            Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
            i dropped out of medical school

            to become a sewer doctor

            I thought it was Baseball...Slugger Mcgroin.
            How's the fishing today.Anything on the B.B.Q.yet?


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              Re: If I were a young man again.....

              Dock steward, making $3.25/hr. scraping goose barnacles off boats


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                Re: If I were a young man again.....

                During High School, I did computer and network installs for a small company. When I got out of High School, I went into the Army. Did 2 years active and 6 years in the Reserve as a electronic radio repair tech.

                During them 6 years in the Reserve, I went to school, worked in an electronics job, designing test fixtures for high end switching power supplies. They also used me as a field tech(mostly hanging out at UL repairing the units they blew up), electrician, bench tech, and machinist all for a whole $6.25 an hour.

                Starting pay was supposed to be over $12 an hour but they said since all my electronic experience was in the Army and not real world they try me out and give me the raise in 3 months. After the 3 months went by, my boss was gone, they gave me the line what ever agreement I had with Ken left when Ken left. I stuck it out in hopes during the next review they would see how valuable I was... it never happened. They hired a new engineer from England which was a total tool, with the money they saved by not paying me what I was worth.

                So I quit and went to work for my father in the sewer and drain business and got my plumbing license shortly later.
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