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  • Bad pressure

    One of the guys called me up today asking how to check pressure on an incoming 3/4 copper service. While its easy enough to get a gauge hooked up
    and check static pressure,the tough part is, do you go for a residual read? Volume? He has copper in the house (Fridley MN) which is not all that new.
    I have seen build up in copper water lines before.I want to make sure if we sell him a repipe that he needs one and not a new line coming in.
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    Re: Bad pressure clues?


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      Re: Bad pressure

      Jay, further up North, we get the same problem, build up. It's a big problem, in fact about 1 1/2 yrs ago, I replaced all of my lines in my house. I just cut open 2 areas and knew all of my lines were bad. Sweated on some couplings until I could get around to them. But I did take a drill bit and drilled out the calcium to be able to sweat. This was my way of finding out how bad it was. I think my flow opening was around an 1/4", maybe a tad bit smaller.
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        Re: Bad pressure

        Grab a hosebib wye connector. Put a gauge on one end of the wye. Test your static pressure. Open the other end of the wye, if you get a big rop on the dynamic pressure, you have a volume problem. It's up to you to discover the cause.