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shower arm support ideas??

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  • shower arm support ideas??

    Have a customer who has "loose" shower head.

    opened up access panel (behind range) and peered up in the wall. It looks like there was a 2 hole pipe clamp at one time, attaching the shower riser to 1/2" plywood that is behind the tile.

    Now there is nothing attached to the shower riser, and the only access (other than the access panel for the valve) is through the original tile work, or pull the range vent to open up the back of the cabinet and wall to access from behind.

    I am trying to see if there are any options to avoid tearing up their home too much.

    I looked online at Pasco # 1195, but I don't think it will be deep enough for the tile.

    Has anyone come across a similar fitting (to the 1195) that you have used in similar situation?

    with the access panel I can cut the shower riser and install a new one, if I find a fitting that will basically tighten down like the pasco fitting.