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Washing machines and cross contanimation

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  • Washing machines and cross contanimation

    How are they kept safe! I know about the elec. solenoid valves ,ect. Back flow preventers seem to be safer to Me. Just a short distance away from fresh water is possible fecal matter
    in the drum. And I'm guessing My mother's 1950 Bendix wasn't as safe as ours today.
    Of course they're safe , Just had a little too much awake time last night. Thanks Tool
    P.S. chocolate ice cream was worth it!
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .

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    Re: Washing machines and cross contanimation

    An air gap, or air break, is one of the most effective backflow preventers. On washing machines, the fill flows in from a point above the overflow level of the tub.


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      Re: Washing machines and cross contanimation

      chocolate ice cream

      the water goes from the solenoid valve and enters via a siphon break / air break type arrangement into the drum or the soap dispenser.

      the water squirts into this assembly and continues into the machine.

      of course this is done at the very top above the water level.

      a dishwasher is the same arrangement.

      phoebe it is