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What are the costs of running a business.

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    Re: What are the costs of running a business.

    Originally posted by rooterboy View Post
    I will take a stab at my business expenses.

    Feel free to add any items if you like. David

    1] License Bond Liability Insurance
    2] Work Van upkeep and replacement.
    3] Equipment upkeep,maintenance,and replacement
    4] cables and cutters and gloves for drain cleaning
    5] Advertising, invoice, business cards,stickers magnets etc.
    6] Book keeping accountant.
    7] office supplies computer phone cell phones
    8]Sep Ira contributions investments.
    9] paying myself a decent wage.
    10] Health insurance dental.
    11] professional trade associations Phcc, seminars, training.
    12] Setting aside taxes.
    13] uniform purchase,maintains or rental.
    14] Disposable shop items rags etc.
    15] Lost or stolen tools.
    16] Business license.
    but.., you start to wonder if you can still charge competitively and will your customers accept your price..