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Rinnai or Navien

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  • Rinnai or Navien

    My husband I are wanting to install a tankless in our house.

    The company we are trying to get to install offers both, the rinnai and the navien. at first i was thinking, we will pay the extra 2 bucks a month for navien because its 98% efficiency, but then I came on here, and read nothing but problems about them?

    So, all I want to know is.. which one is better???

    we also have a soft water system in our house, which we were told is a good thing.

    Hope someone can help me soon, since I will be calling Monday to make appt.


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    Re: Rinnai or Navien

    Rinnai has a longer track record and produces a pretty solid unit for the price.

    The Navien has not been around long but has a much higher efficiency rating. They recognise some of their deficiencies and have made adjustments to the product line.

    Educate yourself on both and you should be fine when making the decision


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      Re: Rinnai or Navien

      Navien has the largest temperature fluctuation of all the units. Rinnai, is a decent unit, and so is Takagi. Personally I like the Noritz units. They have been around the longest, and make a very solid product. They also use a duel flame burner which gives a very stable temperature output.
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        Re: Rinnai or Navien

        I've installed more than 40 Noritz up here, haven't had any problems with them yet, I have a unit in my own home. Their technical support is great. I serviced a Rinnai a couple of weeks, had to put in a new heat exchanger, their technical support was also great. They want me to be an ASP for them as they don't have anyone in this area, so I have to take a tear down class to get certified, I'll do that when I can get the time and they have a class close to me. Navien...I've heard they still have problems, and I only know what I've seen at the trade shows.
        The Other Rick


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          Re: Rinnai or Navien

          RINNAI. I have had great service with Rinnai. I worked on a Navien for two days trying to get it to work right. Make sure to got to Rinnai's website to get authorized installers/dealers in your area. It will save you trouble in the end.


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            Re: Rinnai or Navien

            There are a lot of Rinnai units installed in town where I live and I know about Tagaki being installed elsewhere in Canada where a friend of mine lives. Where most experienced plumbers I know here recommend Rinnai I Would go with that if I had to reccomend one or install one in my home.


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              Re: Rinnai or Navien

              Anything other than Navien!!! I would put in a sun shower now before ever touching another Navien.


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                Re: Rinnai or Navien

                One is crap and the other one is junk


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                  Re: Rinnai or Navien

                  Put in a tank type heater, & you'll never have to worry about technical support, or heat exchangers,or if your water hardness is perfect, or temperature fluctuations, or if the installer had a tear down class, or is certified, yada, yada, yada. All you will need to do is light the pilot,& then replace it, in 12 to 15 yrs, at 1/3 the cost of tankless. TJMO