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Proper Toilet Install...

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    Re: Proper Toilet Install...

    I've never needed silicone on any of the thousands of toilets I've installed or repaired. I was just saying if your in a jam it works! I think I had a hair line crack in the tank I scraped it with a 1/2" fitting brush but could not see a crack.. I have seen several that were cracked... but the time I used the silicone I could see no crack but it always leaked after 10 tries with new tank to bowl bolts I used the silicone just to get the home owner through the weekend.... but it never leaked after that... been years.

    just saying "in a bind" silicone works.


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      Re: Proper Toilet Install...

      Originally posted by HebertDrainCare View Post
      I would just add -

      You can get the same seal protection from reshaping wax from the wax ring.

      A good tip for those short on putty from the last toilet install.

      I thought the sarcasm was thick enough, and added to it myself. Got a good laugh out of this thread.

      Brass tank to bowl bolts don't need anything other than the washers they come with to seal.


      Pronounced A-Bear Drain Care

      I know, it doesn't make sense.


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        Re: Proper Toilet Install...

        I've never used silicone on toilet bolts and mine don't leak either.

        However . . . if someone wanted the security of a lot more seal, plumbers putty is not the way to go. There's a much more high-tech solution. Just get a can of expanding foam and squirt it all over those babies. Guaranteed. Heck, spray it between tank and bowl while you're at it and that will make tank and bowl permanently sealed.

        And why hasn't anyone ever thought of expanding foam to seal the bowl to the flange, too? What could be more perfect?


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          Re: Proper Toilet Install...

          The expanding foam killed me Herk. Don't worry Rick, it's just one thread. Your "fortress of solitude" isn't coming down because of a few laughs.
          Buy cheap, buy twice.


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            Re: Proper Toilet Install...

            LOL Herk

            I've had to use foam to hold toilets to the floor in some Irish pubs but don't tell anybody that


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              Re: Proper Toilet Install...

              I use Elmer's glue for all my toilet seats.

              Works awesome.
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