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It finally happened to me

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  • It finally happened to me

    Last night, after we went to bed, someone stole my work van. Still working on the list of tool contents but it will be over $20k just in power tools alone.

    Deadbolt American locks on both doors and a professionally installed cage between the cab and cargo area. Not to mention the full size tool cabinet bolted to the cage. Hell, he's probably still trying to get in the back

    Sure, Ive had tools stole from jobsites, saws, drills, compressors. Twice I've been ripped off at churches but never like this. EVERYTHING was in there.

    I know some of you guys hawk eBay and Craigslist like I do. If you see something like a SeeSnake B&W Compact, K-60, MicroDrain(sorry Josh) Explorer, MaxSelect 4 piece kit, SuperHawg that doesn't look right to you, please let me know.

    My insurance adjuster is ALREADY doing this --->>>

    I'm crushed at the moment In a few hours the rage will set in. Then I'll go upstairs to shine the shotgun and cruise the vacant lots

    Wow! this is creepy:
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    Re: It finally happened to me

    Man Crack... Thats a rough one . I forgive you on the microDrain.

    If anyone sees a microDrain for sale with a white/clear pushcable then let us know.

    Hopefully the authorities catch up with em quickly.



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      Re: It finally happened to me

      Wow, that's a kick in the nads. Hope you get the SOB


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        Re: It finally happened to me

        It's a high profile vehicle with logos and lettering the police say it's likely they will find it sometime today. Also because of the unsual type of tools inside, it will be easy to spot at local pawn shops. They have a faily high solve rate for this kind of thing.

        I'm worried that he'll get pissed off and just set it on fire when he can't get in the back.


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          Re: It finally happened to me

          If the truck is found, you will experience another level of hell. I'm referring to the cozy relationship between the tow truck racket and the police. They impound your vehicle and you have to go get it. They don't take credit cards and they charge by the day. If you don't claim your vehicle, they auction it off and split the proceeds with the police. Don't expect to see more than a few of your tools and/or material. What's not taken outright will have been discarded from the vehicle as unsalable and not retrieved by the tower. If the vehicle is found in another municipality than the one it was taken from, go to police station nearest to where it was stolen to get a dispatch before you travel to the station in the jurisdiction where it was found. Otherwise, you'll be making a lot of extra trips. At least that's the way things are in my state. Been there and feel your pain.


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            Re: It finally happened to me

            Thanks for the pep talk, Scott. I feel much better now

            I hadn't really thought about recovery yet. I'm sure it will be stripped clean.

            I feel so violated


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              Re: It finally happened to me

              My heart goes out to You Brother. I hope You get this truck back fast. I never got hit that bad. The lord will get You, and Yours through this. You're in My prayers. Tool
              I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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                Re: It finally happened to me

                The police will probably find it in Norf' Eas' or Souf' Eas' D.C. Had a bunch of stuff ripped off when I lived down there. Sorry for your loss. At least you have insurance and will get to buy some new tools....


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                  Re: It finally happened to me

                  [QUOTE=plumberscrack;245414]Our fleet uses the American hockey puck like that. Only break ins were because someone forgot to put the puck on I broke my key off in the lock once. Spent most of the afternoon drilling it out after I removed the 2 hasps.

                  I think it would be easier just to steal the whole truck and take it somewhere to cut the locks off.[/QUOTE]

                  bill, i feel the pain too. you and joey talking since before 6am has awoke the sleeping giant

                  you gave away your trade secret the other day and being that this forum is so popular, they figured it out

                  bill, it's going to take that unique job to realize the specialty tools that are missing.

                  either post a list or email the items you need help finding. i'm sure all of us have extras that we can part with.

                  you think they put a hit out on your "ghetto ranger"

                  keep us posted and let us know what you need to get back on the road.

                  phoebe it is


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                    Re: It finally happened to me

                    I'm not part of the plumbing circle here, but I wanted you to know I'm sick about this with you. Stealing from a man's livelihood is as low as it gets IMO. I've lost about 2K in tools...not all at once and not as much as you. I wish I could help you find them.


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                      Re: It finally happened to me

                      That's a worse nightmare.

                      Over 20 years ago, a plumber stole a van and sold everything he could.

                      3 weeks later, the van was found in a alley, where it was sitting half blocking the alley for 2-1/2 weeks. This was in the city, of course.
                      (The Low Spark of Steel-Toed Boys)


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                        Re: It finally happened to me

                        I'm sorry about your truck.


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                          Re: It finally happened to me

                          Sorry to hear Bill, hope you get it back with your tools with just the change gone.
                          Seattle Drain Service


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                            Re: It finally happened to me

                            If you want company on the vacant lot run I am in NW.


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                              Re: It finally happened to me


                              I don't know what to say. You are living all of our nightmare. Please keep us posted on what happens and if there is anyway we can help you.

                              "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

                              I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!