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Pump TP-250 failure : repairable?

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  • Pump TP-250 failure : repairable?

    We bought the TP-250 at Home Depot three weekends ago (basement flooding thanks to New Hampshire rains!), and used it the first night as our sump pump. After having to manually turn it on and off ALL night, we bought a Flotec automatic pump, which is now installed and works great. The following weekend, more rain, and more water in the basment. So we used the TP-250 to help clear the floors. Third weekend in a row, and we need to use the TP-250 AGAIN! But it doesn't work now. Oil had leaked out of the pump onto the floor, and when I picked it up I heard a rattle. So, to test it, I sat it in about an inch of water, turned it on, and there was a nasty grinding noise. I took off the six(6) screws from the bottom-nothing was clogging it. I then took off the three(3) screws to check the insides, and everything seems to be in order(to my untrained eye). The gasket looks fine and seats good.
    What can I do to fix it? Is there supposed to be oil inside the pump, like totally filled with oil. If so what kind of oil is it? I would like to continue to use the pump, not spend $80 for a two weekend pump!

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    It was a mistake to disassemble your pump. At two weeks old it should be under warranty and you could have returned it for another one. Except for the switch, the float and sometimes the impeller, most sump pumps are throw away items unless you are a very handy do it yourselfer.

    Even changing the switch is usually not cost effective compared to the price of a new pump.

    Check to see if they will accept a return, its possible but don't be surprised if they refuse since you have disassembled it.

    While you have the pump apart check to see if there is a rock or other object interfering with the impeller. It sounds like the shaft seal has failed in which case repairing your pump would be a major pain in the rear.

    If they won't take it back throw it away and get yourself a Zoeller pump. And if you have problems within 2 weeks, which you shouldn't with the Zoeller, for christ sakes don't take the thing apart, take it back. Thats what warranties are for.

    Make sure your sump is not full of a lot of debris, if so you are only asking for more problems.
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      sounds like you had the pump out of the water too long. these pumps are designed to be fully submerged. without a working float switch you were able to run the pump dry and also too hot by pumping the floors. normally the pump should be fully covered in water to keep it cool.

      my advice is to put the pump back together and hope the people at home depot don't look too close. you should be able to pull the wool over their eyes if it looks good.

      on the new ridgid replacement pump, install an automatic switch and keep the pump fully submerged.