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  • Employee?

    I am getting ready to hire a guy he is a couple hundred hours short of taking his journeyman's test great guy good worker. My question is I am debating on paying him straight hourly or paying him per billable hour. Obviously i would pay him more per billable hour but on days its slow i wouldnt have to stress as much are you guys familiar with this what are the pros and cons?
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    Re: Employee?

    So He is going to sit at home on call?


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      Re: Employee?

      you pretty much answered your own questions.

      here's another angle.

      paying him billable hours is fine as long as he doesn't milk the jobs during slow time

      paying him hourly, he will expect a full 40 hours a week.

      6 billable hours a day is pretty good. considering drive time is not billable time for me.

      work the numbers and see what works for both of you.

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        Re: Employee?

        No W. comp? What if He breaks His Back in a fall? Do You own a home?
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          Re: Employee?

          If you aren't going to pay him for drive time is he going to hurry from job to job in your vehicle?


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            Re: Employee?

            I pay by the hrs worked it works well for my business
            When the truck moves the clock starts

            Why don't you guys charge for drive time ?
            Is it the traffic ?

            When one call ends i start my time on the next guy..
            4 stop lights, and 6500 people


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              Re: Employee?

              I like commission workers. My prices are fair and everything is in the book, so 99% of the time its smooth sailing.

              When times are slow, the men tend to look a little harder for more work and usually get it. For example, if your commission rate is 35% and his slow week is 3k, that's 750.00 for a slow week. He does 5k (1,750.) on a slow week, he names his first born after your dog.

              Before I was owner, I was nothing but commission and did really well.
              (The Low Spark of Steel-Toed Boys)