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    Re: I'm stupid

    Originally posted by PLUMBINGGOD2112 View Post
    Hey from one service plumber to another would you rather pull the toilet possibly in a cramp bathroom trying to set up your machine or go to that nice c/o in the basement where you can have room to work. My theory on this do plumbing as you would do service.
    And it is always better to have a clean out that is accessible than one that is a PITA to get to. Forget codes, you are the plumber, TELL the contractor that he has to accommodate a clean out fitting in the wall. Period.

    Not to be harsh but that should have been made clear before the job started.

    How long is the three inch line? Is there a vent? If I understand the job correctly, you should install a three inch cleanout tee ( vertically) and then reduce to 11/2" for the vent or for the lav. The builder only has to accomodate the 12" or so height of the tee. Frequently in a basement they can bump out the wall behind the bathroom because sometimes it is unfinished or only storage.

    You are the plumber, you tell them the way it needs tobe done.


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      Re: I'm stupid

      I agree with the previous post, you need to always remember that the code is just a minimum standard and those of us that do service know full well that the minimum most always bites us in the *** when the time comes to get "into it". Use the code as a starting point and go from there when you can see something that can be done better.


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        Re: I'm stupid

        Oops, I forgot to mention the most important item.

        You are a Licensed plumber aren't you? If you are, then you are the authority on the job and I certainly do not mind answering the question.

        If you are not licensed then a) you should not be doing this job, it should be done by a licensed tradesman and b) this part of the forum is called "Professional Plumbing Discussion", and is for plumbers. I am not certain why you label yourself as "grunt" but if you are licensed, take some pride in your accomplishments and label your self as licensed.

        Again sorry if the above sounds harsh, but during these very slow times I get a little ticked off seeing non licensed people take the work out of our hands, and then asking how to do the job.

        I don't think that any of us mind helping other tradesmen, but why help someone who takes work away and then does not even know how to do it.