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CPVC Pipe & Sump Pump installation

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  • CPVC Pipe & Sump Pump installation

    I'm trying to install a new 1hp Ridgid sump pump with a diverter valve. It's leaking right around the c-clamps that attach the valve to PVC pipe. I used the primer & cement to attach the PVC fittings to the pipe. The valve looks like rubber but I'm wondering if I should prime & glue it as well as use the c-clamps. Help!!

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    Nope, don't do that. Just crank the clamp down a little more and that should stop the leak.
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      Well, we cranked the clamps as far as they could go and I finally had to make a decision to remove the check valve. We had it installed correctly, allowing the water to go out but not come back. I'm thinking the 1hp was just too much power at a close distance AND the water remaining in the pipe above the check valve made it wobbly. So we removed the check valve, it's stable, and pumped so much the water lever here in Jersey has probably dropped! One thing I meant to ask was, though, what's the difference between PVC and CPVC pipe?


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        you can find out a bunch about cpvc and pvc pipe by going to the PPFA's website


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          The main difference is that CPVC contains chlorine in the plasti-mix, it is more chemical resistant as well as slightly stronger and able to handle slightly higher temps. for longer periods. It has been code-approved to replace the pyrex glass pipe in some cases.


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            What size pipe did you use on the 1hp pump? The check should be inline. Did you pump the water to the outside as per code or did you pump it into the sanitary sewer? If you pumped it into the sewer like many do that check valve better be in place. As far as the difference in PVC and CPVC is CPVC is approved for domestic water systems and can handle higher water temps. If you use CPVC remember to use the proper glue.
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