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Handyman Connection (literally)

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  • Handyman Connection (literally)

    Read the story line.

    Apparently the office of this company makes a habit of "pushing back" on the phone when things go wrong and think it's plausible to come back and just act like nothing happened.

    That connection is just laying on the floor, leaking.

    I won't be the contractor to come back and fix their problem, I told the customer that.

    This is what these companies do when they work on your home and don't care.

    Of course, I'm sure when sunrise comes and this is ripping across the internet like a good first morning fart,

    someone will realize where my intentions lie in this matter...

    and it's going to be the fact that you don't shuffle your customer base and make them believe the mistakes you've made in workmanship don't get picked up like I have to show how well your secretary didn't pick up the fumbled ball and take it down the field.

    It's in my hands now. We know that dishwasher is damaged goods, we know it is incorrect,

    and we all know what you're trying to get by with. You do NOT treat your customers like this.
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    Re: Handyman Connection (literally)

    that's why they make lawyers. breid.........