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plumber dies under hotel

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    Re: plumber dies under hotel

    Originally posted by NoeEttica View Post
    Soooo i take it That working in a hole with rain running in and Running the Sawzall off the NON Gfi Generator was Not the Best Idea

    You're going to have to explain the picture because I cants figure it out...
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      Re: plumber dies under hotel

      Originally posted by breid1903 View Post
      you may not be allowed to make your own cord but i'm sure you can still buy the ready made cords. they are about 3' long. plug your cord into that. also about the cell phone, put it in zipper bag. breid..........
      I bought a bunch of these and taped them to the cords. Nobody up here had inline gfi cords longer than 3'. I really wanted 50', but the hardware geek convinced me that the shorter cords are better for maintenance.
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