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plumber dies under hotel

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  • plumber dies under hotel

    here is the link. i will post more has I find out more

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    Re: plumber dies under hotel



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      Re: plumber dies under hotel

      wow that is sad and scary
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        Re: plumber dies under hotel

        Is it safe to say, this guy would of lived if his cord would of had a GFCI connection to it?

        I know they say you're not supposed to use those for lights.

        I bet cold water hit that light, cracked the bulb and the water he was sitting in, killed him.

        I would think he sat there getting shocked for quite a while as well, 110volts not letting up.
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          Re: plumber dies under hotel

          Eye opening reminder. I know I have been underneath with a drop light myself.

          For years now I've used rechargeable lights/flashlights instead.

          But I have had my azz lit up many times by pump controls. 110V & 220V.



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            Re: plumber dies under hotel

            Unproperly grounded power tools in a wet crawl space will also light you up. At least they've done so to me.


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              Re: plumber dies under hotel

              It doesn't matter if you've been on the job one day or 30 years, a simple thing like not using a GFCI or a trouble light with an enclosed lamp can be a killer. What if he had been working on a gas line and there was a concentration close to the LEL(lower explosive limit)? Would/could the whole wing of the hotel have gone boom?

              Everyone, get rid of those old time trouble lamps and use a low voltage type light or a cordless light. Yes, they cost more, but they are significantly cheaper than the price this man paid. And I mean no disrespect to him by saying that. If you work for someone else ask for a safe replacement for the old style trouble lamp, they are not OSHA compliant and a employer giving you that tool to work with is asking for trouble if you were to be injured because of it.
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                Re: plumber dies under hotel

                Man, we suit up, lay wood, plastic, or whatever it takes, over the water and use those waterproof lights with fluorescent bulbs...
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                  Re: plumber dies under hotel

                  RIP. And, wow, I sure learned a lesson re something not to do!!!!

                  I'll use battery powered lamps.


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                    Re: plumber dies under hotel

                    i'm also a sparky. why can't you put lights on gfci's? i know that if you trip gfci's the lights go out. whoopee. i wire temp cords all the time for the gc's they are all on gfci's. no gfci wire it yourself. i'm easy to get along with. just ask mom. on second thought don't. breid............


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                      Re: plumber dies under hotel

                      OSHA says if you are working out side you need to use a GFI
                      if you need an extension cord you need a GFI
                      and they also say you need to know about confined spaces

                      not enough people think of safety first , i see ti all the time with big cuts in cords and ladders not tied off to roofs

                      Learn the hard way

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                        Re: plumber dies under hotel

                        Good idea to have a nice worklight, but carry an LED light in your pocket as a backup. Nothing worse than being 150' from an opening under a building when the light runs out of juice.

                        It's not just trouble lights that are the problem - but buildings with old or bad wiring where you have to crawl, or leaky systems that are grounded to the plumbing. When you disconnect the union, you become the ground.


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                          Re: plumber dies under hotel

                          About 10-years ago I was on a case where the Widow of the plumber was suing the homeowner because her husband was electrocuted under the house. The job was a kitchen remodel where they were moving the wall back 10' or so. There was an existing hose bib on the back wall so the plumber disconnected the bib including the ground wire to the panel and climbed under the house. His light did not get him but his old sawzall did when he cut out the pipe the bib and ground wire use to be on.
                          It is just one more reminder how fast we can get in trouble.

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                            Re: plumber dies under hotel

                            I'm sorry for the families loss and I will take the lesson to heart...

                            My drop light has already gone to the trash and I'm now shopping for a couple of alternate light sources...

                            My three little ones would miss me just as much as this plumbers three children are going to miss him



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                              Re: plumber dies under hotel

                              I use headlights.

                              I give headlights to those I feel need them.

                              They also have the advantage of eliminating that dead zone when the work is in your shadow.

                              The last time I drug a 500w under a house was only to scatter a black widow bloom at the end of the home where the cast separated.Didn't have to hurt one of them.