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From the post "Do you know this shower valve?"

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  • From the post "Do you know this shower valve?"

    Thanks for posting that thread. I have the exact handles on a tub in our apartment building. (Haven't identified the valve so I didn't reply there)
    In the past I have cut the handles off and replaced the valve because the screws were not removeable. Since the caps come off that cover the screw, the whole thing is corroded tight etc..... Is there a better way? I currently have another one that is a steady small stream I need to address.
    If I could "mill" the screw heads down with a seat cleaner would the handle pull off? Man would that be a relief!
    Thank you for your help.
    God Bless You Super Good!!!

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    Re: From the post "Do you know this shower valve?"

    I should think that you might be able to drill out the head of the screw and use a puller to remove the handles. then you should easily be able to remove the cartridges and seats for identification and replacement. Use a shot of wd-40 before using the puller.
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