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Hot water recirculating in slabs

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  • Hot water recirculating in slabs

    Kitchen has lukewarm water for a period of time before it gets cold.I thought it was one of those undercounter water crossing recirc pumps at first.

    Shut the pump down for a twenty four hour period of time,guess what,no more problem.
    I'm willing to bet no insulation on the loop under slab and through the footings with cold very close by.
    Too expensive to fix.They've decided to live with it.

    Elaborate home plumbed by...I don't know what you call it.

    All the finish was hacked in with a chainsaw(plywood not prepped under granite before install) and is now loose.

    I have made mistakes...I still do...But so many in one house.

    I'm thankful for this forum to renew my faith in the fact that there are a few left that are capable and care a little less about money and more about their work.
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    Re: Hot water recirculating in slabs

    dh we all make mistakes. the real problem are the ones who do it wrong and don't care. also ho's that drive bmws or whatever and then think they can get a lexus house for the price of a yugo. breid...................