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Dewalt 18V fluorescent light failure

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  • Dewalt 18V fluorescent light failure

    So a while back there was an article posted about a fellow plumber that was electrocuted while working under a hotel, Which brought up the topic of plug in drop lights and how dangerous they can be in our line of work.

    I went out and threw away my drop lights that day and ordered a couple of dewalt 18V lights (The 13 watt fluorscent area light and the pivoting head Xenon light).

    I was under a house doing a repipe sliding around on the mud thankful I have my new lights, of course everything got nasty muddy while there I hear this weird buzzing Arc noise and the light goes out WTF!

    I manage to slide to wear the fluorescent light is and grab it in the dark needless to say it is a bit warm. I pull the battery and grab the xenon light and finish the job.

    The Dewalt Fluorscent light failed on it's very first job . I pulled the light apart to see what happened. I did not see any moisture inside the light but this light has a computer board inside of it that was smoked...

    Stay away from this light if there is a chance of moisture / mud it will not hold up and may leave you scrambling

    Here is the link to the light that failed...

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    Re: Dewalt 18V fluorescent light failure

    I have had that same light for quite a while now. I know on way more then one occasion the light has been underwater, and it still keeps on working for me. Get it taken care of under warranty, it sounds like it could have been a defective one that slipped past quality control. I have a DeWalt 18v right angle drill that broke on the very first hole I went to drill.

    Also, sort of related, I've found the cheapest prices for DeWalt tools are at