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  • Watch your Delta Rough In

    I normally rough in a lav. at a height where I don't have to use an extension tube. Just trap it and go. I'm sure others do the same.

    I've recently went to a finish where the faucets from the plumbing supply house are Delta. The pop up drain assembly is plastic on the extension from the bottom of the drain.

    Used to be metal designated by "M" from professional suppliers. I'm told that is changing on some models if not all. Anyway....

    This design drops the pop up an inch or more. Combine that with they went with a deeper lav. on my end and I was almost screwed.

    Fortunately I have some of the old metal ones where the pop up rod is just below the sink to make them work.

    Might have to start roughing in up to 2" lower. Just passing it on.


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    Re: Watch your Delta Rough In

    If you call Delta they'll instantly send you over the metal ones by request.

    You can do this on the tub spouts as well.

    I replaced a tub/shower faucet last thursday and I do not care for the tub spouts. Those chrome metal ones have the best reliability.

    Now I have to go back and edit my work day thread; figured out what I did thursday.
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