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Dunbar inspired me!!!!

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  • Dunbar inspired me!!!!

    all this talk about toilet paper, and keeping ourselves clean got me thinking.

    after a couple of wipes with tp, i use a baby wipe.

    i know, i know, not supposed to put baby wipes down the crapper(i personally never had a problem with plugging up a WC flushing them). i just don't like that funky feeling in-between showers if you know what i mean.

    besides, if i didn't flush it where would i put the used wipe, in the garbage can? i'm sure that would go over well with my tammy, and visitors.

    so i figured out a way of killing to ptarmigans with one stone.

    after the first couple of wipes with tp, instead of using a wipe and flushing it, the user could use my invention.

    it looks like a folded baby wipe with a bio-degradeable $h!t proof lining and drawstring. about the size of a MITT.

    the user simply dones this product and gives themselves a good old cleansing after a movement.

    after the user is satisfied, they pinch the inside with their fingers, grip the top of the wipe with their opposite hand and turn the wipe inside-out by pulling(like removing a pair of rubber gloves).

    tie shut with the drawstring and discard into the bathroom waste basket.

    i'm going to call it the "Smit"


    thanks Dunbar

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    Re: Dunbar inspired me!!!!

    "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

    I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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      Re: Dunbar inspired me!!!!

      It makes me sad that Dunbar had to inspire you to wipe your azz.