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  • Plumbing estimator

    How does a smaller company go about finding a qualified loyal commercial plumbing estimator.

    Besides trial and costly error bases. Anyone,

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    Re: Plumbing estimator

    The old adage " If you want something done right you have to do it yourself"

    Buy a few books get a copy of ProEst and Primavera and get after it.

    That or bite the bullet on a job or two and send the job out to multiple estimators then bump the finished products toghther as a sanity check then pick the most sane of the bunch.


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      Re: Plumbing estimator

      The only peace of mind your going to get is to either do it yourself or know the person very well.

      We had a guy that we hired for estimating jobs, he came recommended from friends. He almost drove the company into non existence. It took two years after he left to recover.

      One thing we do is, whoever bids the job in the company, is in-charge of and does the job. In the end, there is nobody to blame but the person who bid it and they are held accountable. It kind of changes your outlook, from "Joe doesn't know how to estimate and this is all his fault" to "How can I make this work, or come out ahead."

      We are paid for the estimating time but the whole contract is done and wrote up in explicit detail. We have a pretty good group of guys that have a win type attitude.

      Commercial projects take more time to bid, but maybe if you paid some of your guys to do it, they might enjoy the new challenge, and you would come out ahead with peace of mind and financially.

      Just a thought.
      Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.


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        Re: Plumbing estimator

        There are services that do estimates for you. Look in the back of P&M magazine. That might be the most cost effective way, until you get a few jobs, then people will come to you looking for a job.


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          Re: Plumbing estimator

          Where can I get my plumbing jobs estimated? I am a Plumbing Contractor and I require the services of a Plumbing Estimator. Where can I find one?
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