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  • Stain glass waste

    I have just built a work table for grinding stained glass materials. I need thoughts and suggestions as to what I need think about or consider in disposing of the water that I will use for grinding this glass.

    The table has a sink in, one of those poly plastic deep well sinks that I cut in half height wise and mounted in the middle of the table. I will run my drain piping thru the floor to the outside of the home.

    When I get the waste drainage, a combination of glass, water, possible solder and etchant, do I need to filter it out and collect it or simply run it to the ground. I WILL NOT run it into my septic system. I believe the glass will be fine enough to simply run to some flower bed and "recycle" the water for the flowers, or some similar use.

    Any suggestions on possible pitfalls?


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    I notice that you live in Alabama, so I'm not qualified to give you advice on the local codes and regulations.

    I can tell you that in California the legal method would be to install a waste water treatment system to remove the glass, metals, and chemicals, and then pipe the remaining liquid into the septic system.

    The particular waste water treatment would depend on the type of metals and chemicals you plan to dump, and the amount of volume.

    Glass can generally be removed with a seperator tank, which is a tank that drops the inlet liquid to the bottom where the glass settles to the bottom, and the liquid exits through the top.Metals and chemicals generally need to be chemically treated, generally using ph adjustment. This system is fairly complicated.

    If you are using a low volume of water, you might check into some packaged treatment units that are available to jewlers and small businesses that have waste similiar to you. If you can find a company that makes these units they can advise you on the treatment method you need. I haven't worked with waste water treatment in the last five years so I can't give you much specific advice on what's available.

    If you live in a rural area and are using a very low volume you are probably not concerned with the legal question, but I would stongly advise against dumping any form of chemicals on your property. It can be dangerous.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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      I believe the solder used in stain glass processing contains 50% lead and sometimes is pure lead, unless it has changed. If you dump very much of this into your yard you may have a hard time selling your property down the road. An intercepter is a good idea. Also what ever is in the paint that you will be grinding should be kept out of the environment. Remember, whatever you dump on the ground will become part of the ground water system. If you use a well you will eventually be drinking your own tailings.

      Your children or your neighbors children will also have to count on your judgement for the water they will be using for their kids.

      Just a thought.
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