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  • Micro Inspection Camera

    Does anybody know of an inspection camera that will go inside of a 3/4" plastic water service?

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    Re: Micro Inspection Camera

    how far do you need to push it and do you need to locate the camera?

    you're not expecting the camera to make a 90 turn are you

    the micro explorer will push out 30' with extensions with the 9mm head. i need to measure the coupling of the extensions, but i'm pretty sure they are less than .75''

    .7'' camera and i believe the extensions are the same.

    the seesnake microdrain is also 30' and is locatable. not sure if it will fit 3/4''. actually it's .86''

    josh will have all the dimensions.

    nice screen name

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    phoebe it is


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      Re: Micro Inspection Camera

      Just tested it (micro extensions) in 3/4" PVC in my office. Gets through just fine.

      Here's the catch, your not going to make turns in 3/4" pvc with the microEXPLORER and extensions.

      Also.. the microDrain will fit easily into 1 inch but will not fit into 3/4"