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Any decent tradesmen to refer??

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  • Any decent tradesmen to refer??

    Without them trying to STEAL your work???

    Example 1:

    Customer asks If I can install a humidifier. I answer no, then give them a number to a local Heating company. I do however explain that I can cut in the 1/4 angle stop for the supply (as saddle valves are illegal). Anyway later, it turns out (customer tells me this) that the heating guy (who knows the only reason he is there is because of me) says that I need not install the stop, as he can do the saddle valve. HELLO IDIOT!!! The customer still has me do the stop, as I explained why they are illegal. I bet if I call the heating shop and ask, they probably install water heaters to.

    Example 2:

    I threw a handyman guy some odd jobs because he hired me to work on one of his rentals. I figured I could return the favor, and led him to a hardwood floor job, and a couple other things he seemed good at. Time passes on and the guy calls me with a question...a plumbing question. Seems he is installing some faucets (real old) and cannot find a part. Sorry I says, I dont know of anyplace that sells stuff that old. Then I get another call asking what brand of sump I sell, or what kind of warranty I give on materials...HELLO IDIOT!!! No plumbing referrals for me, unless it requires a permit, and only one has come my way.

    Lesson more referrals, or I am the idiot.

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    Re: Any decent tradesmen to refer??

    I refer work to some installing excavators and they use me for their work that was not refered by another pumper. I have a plumbing company that I refer and they refer me for pumping. I even refer one of my pumping competitors for indoor drain work, he refers me for portable toilet work. If you pick your contractors carefully, it can be a beneficial relationship. I'd never refer a handyman. They just don't have the training or experience in most cases. Then if they do a bad job for your customer, you look bad for refering them.

    I had refered a drian cleaner once as the cleanout was under the house and I didn't have the time to instal one outside. The customer informed me later that he refused to go under the house and left them without cleaning their drain. Needless to say he got no more referals from me.


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      Re: Any decent tradesmen to refer??

      Originally posted by Trent2 View Post
      If you pick your contractors carefully, it can be a beneficial relationship.
      I get all kinds of work referred to me by plumbers. They know that I won't be poaching their clients, and that I don't and won't install backflow prevention assemblies, or anything else that will change a customers plumbing system. They call me to test or repair a backflow device, and I get them to install when I need them. Works for all of us.



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        Re: Any decent tradesmen to refer??

        The short answer to your question is No.

        This group, on this board, is a rare breed. We love our jobs and the take pride in the work we do and try to present a professional image. As a professional gentleman their are things you just don't do. I unfortunately do not know any plumber, carpenter, electrician, or heating guy I would trust.

        Honestly I fear the day I am not around to fix things for my family.
        Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.


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          Re: Any decent tradesmen to refer??

          That is the exact reason that we started drain cleaning about 10 years ago. After giving all that work to Mr Rooter and having them stab us in the back a few times.