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  • Not Rick's phone

    I work for a company with a good established customer base.
    Many of us should be so lucky!
    *I* never considered the slight anguish a person goes through
    in picking who to call and fix their plumbing.
    Will the price be fair?
    Will I be scared at the sight of him/her?
    Can I go out onto my driveway and not find a fresh oil stain?
    Will he not curse in front of me/family?
    Will the cleaning or repair last and if not will they
    stand behind their work?
    Are my goats safe?

    (You commercial guys suck right now!)

    I had to take on guys to do my chimney and siding.
    I FUC**ING hated it.
    I spent waaay too muck time trying to figure out
    who I could trust.I still ended up with crap for the roof.

    I'm that "hope I can trust this co." guy every day.
    What do you do to keep the faith/ instill the faith in your customers
    besides just showing up?

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    Re: Not Rick's phone

    Sometimes its good to be on the other side of the wrench so to speak.
    Its easier to please your customer and close a sale if you know what they are feeling or what some of their reservations are.

    Its easy to forget how people with little knowledge or a distorted perception of the trade can perceive things. When all your experience is drawn from horror stories provided at the water cooler at work or from the DIY and house flipping shows on TV your idea of what is good and what is overpriced or bad workmanship is distorted or you end up with a distrust for the whole trade based on third party evidence and hearsay.

    I may not be out there working with the tools any more but I still cringe when I see the workmanship and work practices of some of the so called 'experts' on TV.
    "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006


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      Re: Not Rick's phone

      Fortunately about all of my work is referral. The other amount is because I am "local" and will do a better job because of that. IMO there is not much you can do about the issue you speak of. We just have to trust one another...


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        Re: Not Rick's phone

        Couple weeks ago was a first for me. Bought this house in 1977 when I was 20 years old. Last week my furnace went out, I tried, but due to medical problems I was not able to repair it myself. I had to call in a repairman, only thing I could do was call a company that I know was in the same place in my neighborhood when I moved in. The guy showed up on time, found the problem quick, (bad ignitor) had the correct part on his truck and had us up and running in less than an hour. $160 and the last time I replaced the ignitor in 96 it cost me $18. Getting old and sick is a *****!
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