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I decided to stop doing Home Warranty Work

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  • I decided to stop doing Home Warranty Work

    I have decided that the benefits of doing business with the Home Warranty Companies are not worth it... (American Home Shield)

    The straw that broke the camels back was when they just asked me to provide them a per call cost for all of 2010

    -My company (me) ended up being the bad guy because I'm the one standing in front of the customer though I'm not the one telling them something is not covered.

    -Unless you upsell the repair through "Non covered items" you will not make any money.

    -The majority of Home Warranty customers are not the people I want to work for
    A. I spent $500 on this warranty and need to get something out of it before it expires why don't you replace my water heater Be honest and walk away gets you a call from the company that you are rude ect ect ect...

    B. Real Estate Agents use the sale of the Home Warranty to cover themselves. I see it all the time... "Oh don't worry about that the home warranty will cover it just make sure you don't call until you have lived in the house 30 days... I see this on houses I have done the inspections on.

    I have been refusing calls for 90 days now My calls have actually increased because people are getting screwed over by the new companies that are comming into the area to pick up the calls and word is getting around.

    I have learned my lesson, Home warranty business is no way to build a good reputable company name.

    Your thoughts?

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    Re: I decided to stop doing Home Warranty Work

    I hate those warranty places. Go to rod a mainline sewer and of course you have to call first and get an estimate approved, then open the line, call back and get the final bill approved. The guy on the phone tells me when its all said and done if their were tree roots in the line its not covered, seriously how many line blockages aren't due in some way to roots? I bet 90% of our sewer calls are roots. So if I say yeah there were roots, its not covered and now i get to go hand the h.o. a bill for the whole balance when they were expecting a $50 deductible. So now their ticked off, which i can understand, and i'm stuck trying to collect! Lets put it this way, i don't find to many roots on those calls, i just consider them to be stringy turds, saves me a ton of time and screwing around and maybe if i bill the insurance company enough they'll quit calling!


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      Re: I decided to stop doing Home Warranty Work

      american home shield is the worst of the worst when it comes to home warranty co's.

      i don't do warranty work, but iget a lot of work from customers that were screwed over by the warranty co.

      it's a scam and unfortunatly, until everyone understands that this will continue.

      there are better companies, but i can't recall their names right now.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: I decided to stop doing Home Warranty Work

        Here is a wonderful example of workmanship that I ran across the other day that the home warranty company did a few years ago.
        I call it "American Hackshield".
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