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  • Van Crane Installation Help

    Mounting a harbor freight crane in the back of the van. I've typicall seen these mounted based off the frame. Unfortunantly, the frame is nowhere I need it to be. The first pic is the inside and the crane base will be to the right of the tape measure. The next pics are the underside of the van in that corner. One suggestion that was given was made to get a piece of 1/4 alumminum plate to distribute the weight underneath. Essentially the floor would have to get ripped up for the crane to be displaced. Any other ideas?
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    Re: Van Crane Installation Help

    Yea a big wide plate underneath but I would use steel. Or if there is a opening underneath weld channel from the frame and box it in.
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      Re: Van Crane Installation Help

      ben, looks like you can straddle the channel and sandwich the base and bottom side together.

      make sure you cut some spacers or thread the bolts through some 1/2'' gal. pipe to keep from squeezing the floor too tightly together.

      remember that the crane will be subject to approx. 300-400# stretched out 2-3' from the base. that could equate to 600-1200 foot pounds of tear out pressure on the base.

      i do see some flex on my floor, but your's looks like you got more meat in the flooring than i do.

      cut a large enough upper and lower base plate of aluminum and you'll be fine

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