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Supply house installing?

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  • Supply house installing?

    One of our local supply houses has started subcontracting out their water heater, toilet, and softener installs to their counter salesperson. They are now installing water heaters for only $150. Here's to hoping they get just what they deserve.
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    Re: Supply house installing?

    Here the local electric utility is selling "insurance" for $6.00/month & will replace your water heater at any time for no fee. Includes like water heater up to x amount of dollars. (I think it was $300.00 and you pay any difference if it's higher. Don't have the paper in front of me.)

    I'm thinking of getting on board myself.

    Get that license yet?



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      Re: Supply house installing?

      I hired a master plumber. After 15 years in the biz, I am now an apprentice. I should start selling "insurance"
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      Distractions are everywhere, don't lose sight of your dream.


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        you need a new supply house

        also, our gas company does that. $300.00 divided by $6.00 = 4 years / 2 months. also they will only cover newer equipment. when i got married my wife had it. she thought it was a good deal, until i showed her that she had over $700.00 invested. when wh was 20 some years old and she decided we needed a new one. 20x12x6= over $1440.00. what a deal. it maybe it's a deal for the rubes, but we can put our own in cheaper. if fact that is what she told when we got our new one. lol. last but not least send all your worthless customers to the supply house. breid..................