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hdpe pinch off vice.

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    Re: hdpe pinch off vice.

    Originally posted by Cleanmen2 View Post
    As a question for those that clamp off do you beleive the pipe is compromised because of the clamp. Do you believe that the flattened area loses its strength and integrity. Mind you it would only be critical on high pressure mains but always look for others opinions.
    the vise is designed for use with hdpe/ high density polyethylene pipe.

    this is not abs, pvc,cpvc, pb, pex although, i do believe pex would also be ok and go undamaged

    my exposure to hdpe has been underground gas lines and trench-less sewers pipe bursting. i can tell you from personal experience, that hdpe is a material that has the best properties of anything out there. the material is flexible and will bounce back. it's not un-ordinary that i hit 4'' hdpe with a sledge hammer to drive it home when i pull out the pipe bursting machine. unlike abs /pvc pipe that will shatter, hdpe just bounces back.

    i keep a 4'' x 1' sample in my truck and routinely hit it with a sledge hammer to show it off to customers and other plumbers. still going strong.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: hdpe pinch off vice. look under plastic pipe tools. then pe squeeze off tools. breid.......................