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"pill box" toilet tank

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  • "pill box" toilet tank

    joey and i went to a dinner party tonight in a historic area of los angeles. 1909-1910 west adams district.

    one of the upper bathrooms had a toilet i've never seen before so i took a few photos

    owner calls it a "pill box toilet" thought it might be from france?

    anyone have any info on it?

    rookie, this is right up your alley

    notice the modern 400a fluidmaster

    these historic homes have a yearly open house with guided tours including meals


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    phoebe it is

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    Re: "pill box" toilet tank

    did you say French and West LA? i guess that's your answer!

    they run about $1,400 dollars.

    PRODUCT FEATURESMade in Europe
    Includes 2" flush elbow, solid brass inlet pipe and stop, and flush handle with porcelain inset
    Both bowl and tank feature a beaded accent
    Round Front
    Vitreous China
    Concealed Trap
    Includes oak seat
    Trim available in chrome, unprotected polished brass, protected polished brass (as shown), polished nickel, satin nickel, and old bronze
    Manufacturer 5 Year Warranty
    Motor Freight shipping included within the continental US
    Important: This item must be inspected within 72 hours of receipt.
    1.6 Gallon Flush
    Bowl Height: 15-1/2"
    Tank Height: 36-1/4"
    12" Minimum,
    14" Maximum Rough-in
    2-1/8" Trapway
    2" OD Flush Elbow
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      Re: "pill box" toilet tank


      Do you pull out the small knob to flush?


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        Re: "pill box" toilet tank

        Here are some Elger 1920's "pill box" tanks
        I've only seen one bathroom with these installed. They were in a hospital administration building, converted to a veterans clubhouse, circa WWI.

        Here's a modern example of a pill box tank.


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          Re: "pill box" toilet tank


          Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!!

          ~ Doooooode !!! Awesome Pictures, I have never seen a toilet like this before !!

          Thanks so much for posting!!!


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            Re: "pill box" toilet tank

            Originally posted by lmpg View Post

            Do you pull out the small knob to flush?
            I love my plumber

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