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Contractors license crash course

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  • Contractors license crash course

    Test date is 20 Jan. What's the best crash course you've found for California? I've heard alot about the peerless institute and see they offer an online course. Any comments?
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    Re: Contractors license crash course

    ben, i think it's best to go in person and take the actual practice test. not sure what the online will have to offer.

    the crash courses usually have a guarantee to pass or you come back for free

    what amazed me was the test they had you practice on was very, very close to the one i took a few days later on the cslb computer.

    practice with the business and law. lots of time tables to remember.

    the trade was pretty much a joke.

    we could always do the copper cutting competition on the 19th. and i'll give you a crash course on cutting copper

    now get off the forum and study

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Contractors license crash course

      Have you actually called Peerless.
      Landscaper,family member(),says they are not offering crash course during the recession.