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Your jetting equipment:

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  • Your jetting equipment:

    I've read through several threads about jetting equipment, but am still interested in what everyone here likes/uses. I own a 3.5gpm 4kpsi cart jetter and am interested in something with more oomph.
    If this year goes well, looking to upgrade to 5.5gpm 4-5kpsi. (I already know gpm more valuable over 3k). I have Suttner fixed and spinning nozzle for both sized reels I own. I have 1/8" and 1/4" reels. Things seem to work ok in pvc; but I'm having trouble making turns in CI.
    I've beat all kinds of scratches in the tip of the fixed nozzle trying to make bottom 90's and other sharp turns. Anyone like the drop-head nozzles? Really interested to know what you use and where you buy it. One reason I want to upgrade to the 5.5gpm cart unit is to get a 3/8" reel and perhaps a Warthog. I see 3/8" is the smallest they sell. Just doing residential and small commercial work. Lines 4" and smaller. Not ready to buy trailer jetter yet. I do value all your advice and opinions; already own a K60... Used it 3 times last week! I don't regret the purchase.. Yet..

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    Re: Your jetting equipment:

    Yeah... This should be posted in Drain Cleaning Discussion.. If anyone knows how to move it there, feel free!!!


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      Re: Your jetting equipment:

      Unless your jetter is used all the time, maybe spending 400 for the root ranger might be better?
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        Re: Your jetting equipment:

        Ask Ace Sewer about the smaller hoses he uses. he gets them from Harben i think??

        The braided stainless steel trap hoses will go through just about anything.

        Take a look:


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          Re: Your jetting equipment:

          i hear stone age is unveiling a 1/4" warthog at the show.

          my workhorse machines are 5.5 @4kpsi, though I sometimes push them past those specs.

          little electric for sinks and such is 2.1 @1500 or something like that.

          the specs you choose are heavily dependent on the work you do, space availability in your vehicle, if you are willing to pull a trailer, etc etc etc.

          5.5 @4 will be good for 3 and 4inch, adequate in 6", sketchy but workable for some things in 8" and 10"

          If you have room for a supply tank, go bigger flow.

          5.5-6 gpm is about the limit you'll get out of a hose bib, and is therefore about the limit for running w/o a supply tank.

          high pressure is nice for some things.
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            Re: Your jetting equipment:

            They had the cute little guy there last year. Just a prototype that is. It was really tiny but i hear it may wear out very fast. I see no problem as long as they are cheap enough.

            I bet it will have a wicked sound to it when it is spinning!


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              Re: Your jetting equipment:

              Thanks, Ace, Jake. Ace, I own a small electric like yours for kitchen work and small inside lines. Saw your videos a while back. I run the 1/8" line with that; it's not very powerful at all. I hate to sound cheap, but I'd like to avoid a trailer for a while if I could. I leave my jetting equipment @ the shop unless I have drain calls. Just takes up too much space. Ace, one reason I like the 5.5 is as long as I have a good hose bib, I don't need a tank. If that's your workhorse, that would probably work for me as well. While I'm not thrilled with the performance of the Suttner nozzles, they're very cheap; I can't complain. Root Ranger? If I come across a main full 'O roots, I'd probably be more into trying to pull some of that bulk out of the line with my 7/8" IC cable with myK60. Sure, it may be a great nozzle, but I'm really looking to clean the walls more than cut roots with my jetter. Also, mostly smaller lines. Many on the forum have more drain cleaning experience. As I gain more, I'm finding CI much harder to deal with than plastic. Almost got my 5/8" open wind stuck somewhere down a kitchen stack(CI) and it scared me! I don't have a camera/locator, so I couldn't tell where it got hung up. Line was flowing, just tried to make a path for my 1/4" jetter nozzle. It made the bottom 90 once; after that, it wouldn't go again.