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161 geared threader / die breakage

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  • 161 geared threader / die breakage

    I have used my 161 geared threader once and in the process of " backing off" the new thread I chipped a die.
    How to avoid this from happening again?
    Must dies be purchased as a set?
    Where to purchase dies other than Ebay & local plumbg wholesaler?
    If no, why not use a die appropriately numbered from one set with another?
    Is any oil OK with the slow cutter action of the 700 and 161 gear head or is official threader oil undisputedly superior?

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    When you are done threading a piece of pipe the appropriate procedure is to back the dies up a small amount (1/4 turn) just to break the chip off of the pipe. Then the dies should be open so that they are no longer in contact with the threads you have just cut. Running the unit back to the beginning with the dies in contact with the threads will cause them to chip.

    The way the dies are manufactured makes it more beneficial that they are purchased as a set. The dies are a matched set right out of manufacturing and mixing the sets has had sporadic results, sometimes it works and others it may not. The best practice is to replace the whole set when one breaks.

    You can contact our customer service department at 888-743-4333 and they can give you some names of local Ridgid distributors.

    The quality of the oil you use to thread with will definitely make a difference. While we recommend Ridgid threading oil for use on our equipment and dies, it is imperative that threading oil is used. There have been instances where people have tried to use many other liquids (we have also tested these theories) and the bottom line is that they simply do not work. Threading oil is formulated to withstand the high temperatures and friction built up during the threading process. Using other makeshift solutions will only diminish the thread quality and one’s lie life.

    I hope this is of some assistance to you. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact our technical service department at 800-519-3456