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  • Flush Toilet ... Flush

    Please watch this video and ask yourself if your toilet can do this.

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    Re: Flush Toilet ... Flush

    This is also a good one. At the end if flushes over 7 pounds of vegetables
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      Re: Flush Toilet ... Flush

      Too bad the Gerber Viper is a piece of garbage. I put one in at the boss's aunt's house and was NOT impressed. The first thing I noticed was the trap was not glazed. I set the bowl and then opened up the box for the tank. I then found that on one side of the tank there was a huge piece missing. It looked sort of like a giant 4" x 4" piece was broken out but I didn't find any pieces in the box. No idea how it happened but I do know that it happened in the factory because there was no broken pieces in the box.


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        Re: Flush Toilet ... Flush

        i should try that with my pressure assist american standard. never once needed a plunger

        lets see them test it with a frozen chocolate banana

        mixed with a washing of hershey's chocolate sauce around the bowl

        then i'll be impressed.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: Flush Toilet ... Flush

          Leave it to the toilet industry to take away what little happiness I still get in life...

          There used to be a sense of accomplishment in sitting down and making a two flusher

          Curses foiled again...


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            Re: Flush Toilet ... Flush

            They left out the part that shows the plumber ..
            rodding the sewer and and washing it all out to the main with a garden hose