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oil pump on 535 threader

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  • oil pump on 535 threader

    I'm new to this type of forum,I hope I don't offend anyone or breach any secret codes OK I can be sarcastic. Has anyone changed out the oil pump on a 535 threader? It broke at the most inopportune(sp) time I haven't had time to look at it yet. Any tips or tricks?

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    Before changing out the whole pump you might want to consider breaking it down and giving it a good cleaning, I have seen that sometimes sludge gets sucked up in to the pump and causes it to malfunction. Usually a good cleaning can resolve this. If the problem is a little more severe than you might need a pump repair kit. This could resolve the problem and save you a few dollars. If you choose to replace the whole pump, the new one will look a lot different, but don't be alarmed as it will fit in to all variations of the 535. The new pump will come with two new oil lines and a couple of seals for the carriage as this pump generates more pressure than the old Model A's did. Provided your existing seals are in good condition you might be able to skip the seal replacement, and save them for later on. Regardless if you decide to rebuild or replace the old pump, our technical service department can offer some advice on either operation, and they can be reached at 800-519-3456. I hope this helps out.