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    Re: Powerless Tankless

    Originally posted by Chemeng View Post
    Hi Canuck,
    I'm in Toronto. Mind telling me what it cost for your unit in CAN $ pre tax (of course I know you installed it yourself so you saved at least a grand from the labour!)..

    LOL. Well, it's sort of a long story...

    My wife and I bought this unit through Michigan about 3 years ago (we were buying a house, homeowner said she didn't own the water heater - rental unit through the gas company). So, my wife and I made the decision to go tankless. Bought this unit, with the stainless steel exhaust kit, for about $1100 CDN at the time (was $780 something USD). Got the house - and lo and behold, the water heater was hers after all. They didn't know it was bought out from the gas company about a year before (the house was only 6 1/2 years old!). So, my wife and I just left this in the box in the utility room - didn't bother to install it until this past November, when my kid brother bought a house, and wanted his own water heater, not a rental. So, with my dad's help (former factory "special equipment" guy - not a certified pipefitter/welder/millwright, but did all that stuff nonetheless), we installed it ourselves. Took two full days of work, with all the mickey mousing around that we did besides (I ran some new/extra copper, did some pipe insulation throughout the house, did some additional insulation work while we also did this, etc.). We had to run all new gas lines into the house (this thing requires a dedicated 3/4" line, so we redid everything from the gas meter inwards), so those materials cost about $65. At the same time, I also installed a whole-home sediment filter on the water line, and replaced a few valves and other small things. All the copper and valves and other stuff cost about $700.

    So, if you're not redoing all your other copper stuff, it's not that bad - that added on about $450 onto my materials costs.

    It's still pricey, but it was what we decided to do. I knew I was looking at around $1500 or so, doing it myself. Hell, when we bought the house, if we went with a standard 50-gallon power-vent tank (which is what was there), I knew I was looking at $700 to $850. This thing cost me double that, in the long run after the install. But, with how we use our hot water (two adults, plus a toddler, my wife and I both take 20-minute-plus showers, lots of laundry, etc.), and with us having schedules all over the time (we regularly disappear for days at a time, not requiring the use therefore of hot water, so the benefit of on-demand is a huge plus there), I figured by doing all the math that we'll recoup the additional costs in about 4 to 5 years.

    Pros and cons to everything.


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      Re: Powerless Tankless

      Sorry - long post, I know. We bought the unit through a direct distributor in the U.S. A more consumer-ized version of our same unit is available through HD and other Rheem-selling chains. I think ours sells now, here in Canada, for about $1199 CDN. At the time that we got it, it was a special order one, and it was about $1499 CDN here.