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Slab water leak going bad

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  • Slab water leak going bad

    I went on a leak under the slab job yesterday...
    Hot water line , found the spot i wanted to go in within a hour with my stethoscope..
    First hole started less than 1ft sq...once the pipe was disturbed 1ft x 2ft.
    As you can see in the pics the ref cop line they used for the hot water ,was paper thin.. my cutter was putting a grove in it.. once i got it cut very carefully with my hack saw blade and just scrapped where i needed to, i got it back together..
    I think if i would of sil flossed it i would have melted the pipe..
    The other 3 pipes looked good for 30 years in the ground.
    Told the home owner this will buy a little time..But expect to reroute that one line sometime in the future..
    You can see some pin holes were i scrapped it with a razor blade.
    If i pushed to hard i would go through the pipe

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    Re: Slab water leak going bad

    If the plumber would of used L copper i wouldnt of had to go in


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      Re: Slab water leak going bad

      Looks like an original "Hack" job.


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        Re: Slab water leak going bad

        That looks like a 5 minute job to me. LOL
        How far does that line go underground? I give it about 1 month before the next leak starts. Seen pipe in that type of shape many times. Do they have a recirc. pump on that line?
        If the customer is anything like I have run into lately, they tell you to just fix the section of pipe with leak in it, & the rest of the pipe is in fine shape.


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          Re: Slab water leak going bad

          It wasn't a bad job we were done before noon..
          I didn't stick a tape on it or look for the other end of the pipe but i believe it will be behind the bath room lav..about 35 ft..
          There is hope