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Hacktown Award Nominations 2010

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  • Hacktown Award Nominations 2010

    I thought I would start the 2010 Hacktown awards early

    Nomination #1

    Customer attempts to solder leak with water still in pipe..... You say what is so funny??? The pipe was PEX (Nope I'm not kidding check the burn marks)

    Nomination #2
    Customer repipes their second story in PVC and went out of town for the weekend before the glue set ( Here is one of the breaks though the main break was a freeze break on a renovated uninsulated PVC line)

    2" trash pump trying to get the full finished basement pumped out (looking like about a $90K water resto thanks to Home Depot and PVC)
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    Re: Hacktown Award Nominations 2010

    Here are some pictures I took of jobs I was on. I submit the following:

    I call this one "Just leave it on."

    This one is the old spruce it up with a chrome S-trap and poly pipe technique.

    This one was done by son for his mom and dad. I call it " Your not worth a new toilet."

    Electrical tape trick is cheaper than a plumber and besides we don't need the bottom of our cabinet.

    I call this one, Jimmy cracked corn.

    This is, Plumbers are overrated.

    Not really a Hacktown award but I call this one; Your gonna dig.
    Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.


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      Re: Hacktown Award Nominations 2010

      This didn't happen on my jobs, but thought it was good for this thread.
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        Re: Hacktown Award Nominations 2010

        I just got called out to this one the other day. A general contractor that does alot of his own plumbing work messed around with this toilet for 2 weeks before giving up and calling me.

        I guess they even replaced the tank-bowl gasket, not thinking that there possibly could have been a problem with installation.

        "Anybody can install a toilet...."
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