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  • safety showers


    I am doing plumbing in very very remote area of australia

    the place is called newman

    it biggest iron ore mine in world

    anyway i have problem with eye washers and safety showers

    they are used in outdoor area the water pipe work gets very very hot

    if someone was use safety shower eye wash if an emergency they would

    get very burnt by hot water in pipe work

    the temp here in Pilbara area north or perth in western australia

    big mining area

    here is picture of what they look like

    they have a american value on them thermo temperature value

    they start leaking once the temp gets over 40 degs

    the temperature here ranges from over 40 degs to 60degs some days

    can you come up with solution how i cool the water down

    any ideas would be good

    if you want you can talk me on skype username bazzathebushman

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    Re: safety showers

    Why don't they put up some kind of shade structure to keep the sun off the pipes
    If the water was the same as the air temp they should be OK


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      Re: safety showers

      evaporative cooling maybe?

      what resources are availabel to cool with? Do you have an ample supply of electricity? What about water itself?

      If you had a steady low flow of water could you keep things cool that way?
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