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1957 Eljer toilet leaking...

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  • 1957 Eljer toilet leaking...

    I put a new ball/flapper, the one that the rod screws into. I flushed the toilet, when the valve shut off, I heard a little water trickle then stop. I leave thinking its fixed, 3 hours later customer calls up and says flush valve activated. Leaking again! This tank is completly cast. Do the tanks just go bad?
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    Re: 1957 Eljer toilet leaking...

    Is that the one that is all porcelain ?
    I like the red tank ball korky makes them
    The ball could be mis shaped
    over flow hose could be in to deep
    do you still have a little room left on the lift rod


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      Re: 1957 Eljer toilet leaking...

      the diagram shows a brass Douglas flush valve but are you talking about the Eljer that has a ceramic flush valve molded into the tank? If so it may stop leaking on it's own after a day or two. A little Vaseline on the rubber seal will help break it in but may only be a temporary fix. Steel wool on the ceramic to remove any blemishes. I prefer to use a Triple Seal Ball instead of the one shown.

      If it's a white toilet should have been replaced years ago. If it's color keep trying cuz you won't match it with anything on the market today


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        Re: 1957 Eljer toilet leaking...

        I have always taken some emery cloth to the ceramic where the ball sets. Lots of times there is some blemishes or deposits that will allow a very small amount of water to seep by.
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          Re: 1957 Eljer toilet leaking...

          Here is a pic of the type of toilet I am talking about, at least the way the ball sets. The one I am working on is not a corner one, but a regular tank. The set up is the same though. I could try the sanding thing, but this will be the third service call. I could have put a new toilet in for the amount of time spent with it.
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            Re: 1957 Eljer toilet leaking...

            The overflow could have a crack in it, but you can figure out that pretty quick by holding down on the bulb.

            You may return to find the valve bad. And I have seen bulbs & flappers "settle in".



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              Re: 1957 Eljer toilet leaking...

              i always use a dye pill to test for this and prevent a call back.

              just make sure you remove them from your pockets so joeys clothes don't turn blue

              i do my own laundry now

              phoebe it is


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                Re: 1957 Eljer toilet leaking...

                I use emery cloth on the porcelain also but the type of call back your having is more like a alignment issue. If the guide rod holder or plunger rod assembly binds it will cause the " now it works, now it doesn't" stuff.

                I have found that on toilets that old, at some time in their life someone has modified them in some way, so what you see is really not how it was.

                In the picture you posted, that lift rod connected to the flush handle is wrong. It must be oriented like the other picture you have. Purchase a new lift rod, get the guide rod assembly right and you will be good to go. In short the assembly is binding, or causing the ball not to drop in the correct alignment of the hole. Kinda like sitting on the edge of the seat.

                Sanding the porcelain, helps the new ball not get caught up on lime or sediment the porcelain. I have also put a small amount of siliconized grease on the porcelain hole so that the ball will slide into position if the alignment is not perfect.

                Another trick I do is sand the guide rod with a Scotch Brite pad. It the sediment it too thick I give it a quick splash of "The Works" I then, put siliconized grease on the guide rod.

                I flush the toilet no less than 10 times after I am done, to see if that assembly will bind.

                Hope this helps
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                  Re: 1957 Eljer toilet leaking...

                  Believe it or not, a Fluidmaster Flusher Fixer will work on the porcelain seat. Last resort.
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