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  • Hackney Plumbing Truck

    Does anyone have one of the Hackney Plumbing trucks, and how do you like them, are they worth the money, enough open space etc?

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    Re: Hackney Plumbing Truck

    i work out of a hackney. over all it is great.
    don't like
    1. the front hubcaps suck. they pop and crack and drive you nuts. it sounds like the wheel is going to fall off somtimes.
    2. if you use a spartan drum machine, the aisle is really narrow. i have 5 gallon buckets on the floor on one side and i have to take everything of the floor to get it out.
    3. i drive it home and its hard to park with out pissing off your neighbors.
    like over truck. can turn around on a dime.
    2.tons of shelves and i like how you can put them where ever you want.
    3. tons of power and dual rear wheels make it hard to get stuck in snow. we got about 18 inches in the last week here and haven't been stuck yet.
    4. i get comments from customers every day about how good looking my truck is. the sides are huge like billboards so you can letter the hell out of it.


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      Re: Hackney Plumbing Truck

      Does your Hackney look like this?


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        Re: Hackney Plumbing Truck

        yep. mines navy blue with yellow and red letters. it is getting its 10,000 mile maint. today. i will post a pic this afternoon when i go pic it up.