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  • Check this out!

    You're not going to believe this garbage when you start reading it, it's unbelievable. They're talking about microwave tankless water heaters. They said it doesn't require a t&p for whole house applications. The unit uses 1/2" compression installed fittings for inlet and outlet (not to code in Mn.) and on and on. I'm tired of arguing with them, anyone else want to take over?

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    Re: Check this out!

    Thanks, I needed a laugh.

    Without even considering the issues of the relief valve or the fittings, this sort of thing capitalizes on people's tendency to believe in techno-babble without putting their high school physics-educated brains in gear.

    It's just like the magnets you put on your car's gas line or the little grapefruit slicer vortex thingie that goes in the air intake and gives you a jillion miles per gallon. Stupid.

    If we lived in a world where people spent as much energy on real learning as they do on twitter, texting and facebook... these clowns would be laughed out of business.

    But, there really is a sucker born every minute.

    On the other hand, Oakridge National Laboratory - you know, the people that worked out our processes for enriching uranium - came up with a little bitty heat pump for application to residential tank type water heaters. The problem they wanted to solve was how to make a tiny heat pump cost effective and with a decent COP. General Electric has licensed the technology and the water heater (a 50 gal unit) is now on their web site. The coefficient of performance (COP) is 2.4, based on a 68F ambient. Pretty nice little improvement compared to conventional electric tank heater, as long as it's reliable. MSRP on the complete water heater is $1600, but will probably carry a street price of less. It's a "drop-in" replacement. Now THAT's a good idea.

    Too bad I have natural gas water heat, which is still cheaper here in CA. Darn... no excuse to buy a new high-tech gizmo.
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      Re: Check this out!

      I can't believe what I just read:

      "Why worry if it needs a pressure relief valve or not!!! Who cares, the bottom line is they have a contract to mass produce/dist. for australia and are lining up an american distributor also. I myself am a Master Plumber and could care less about that feature."

      Talking about t&p valves on tankless water heaters!


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        Re: Check this out!

        I'll install it right next to my Easy Water magnetic water conditioner