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VFD pumps and Cylcle Stop Valves

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    Re: VFD pumps and Cylcle Stop Valves

    Yes, the Constant pressure valve does drop the amperage the motor pulls and also keeps it running cooler with less work being done.

    Since I have only installed one VFD pump, the GEM by Myers years ago, I can't speak of how they all work. I do know that the GEM did not vary the speed of the motor in as much as it simply stopped and started it many times a minute to try to keep a constant pressure. I didn't like this method at all and was surprised the pump actually lasted almost ten years. But it was one of their first VFD units, so maybe they made it bullet proof.

    I always thought the theory was to ramp up and down the cycles from the teens to the mid one hundreds to slow down, speed up the motor to keep up with the demand. I don't know that they have actually got there yet.