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Which tubing bender to use?

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  • Which tubing bender to use?

    I have to run some 5/8" OD soft copper tubing for propane. Both the model 310 and the model 358 tubing benders are for 5/8 OD. Can either be used? I can't find the instructions for using them on the Ridgid website. Are they there somewhere?

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    Both the 310 and the 358 could be used on the material you are speaking of, However the model 358 is a bender designed for heavy wall steel and heavy water tube applications and might be over kill for your application. Also, consider the bending radius on the two.
    Thje 310 has a bend radius of 2-1/4" while the 358 is 3" this makes the 310 preferable where space is an issue. Contact technical service at 800-519-3456 in order to obtain copies of the instruction sheets for these items.


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      This is not plumbing but relates to bending tubing. Does anyone know if Ridge has information on how to bend other types of steel tubing like EMT? I have an electricain's hickey for 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch tubing with index and guide marks or symbols but I have not been able to determine how to use it to make exact bends to fit up to various equipment.