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  • Cracked me up.

    I was stumbling around on the web this AM and saw this. It was good for a laugh, I couldn't find that other thread that had similar equipment with dubious claims. So here.
    Time flies like an arrow.

    Fruit flies like a banana.

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    Re: Cracked me up.

    Blink...Blink,blink(with jaw drop)..... Wheres the f*&^ing proof!
    I bust my *** to be a good plumber and these guys wrap an extension cord around a pipe an they're heroes. I'm not buying it!


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      Re: Cracked me up.

      Now you've done it!

      Anytime one of these things go up on a forum a bunch of one-post wonders start showing up to defend them!

      This link offers some information debunking these scam devices...

      You've opened the flood gates...

      We might as well roll a bunch of useless scam products all into one thread and get it over with.

      Here is another scam product:

      and another:

      and another:
      (I like the multiple flashing LED's on this one that tell you its working... It's like a flashback to the disco days... )
      411 Plumb Appliance Stimulus Package