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  • lead free brass

    just went shopping at costco and saw a quick & hot w/ designer faucet in satin nickel for $69.99, and had to buy one to check it out (@60 on the shelf in nickel / chrome). I cant find anything different than the ones that I bought before at 3-4x that price. Does anyone know if this is one of the products that can't be sold in Cali due to lead free law? And just curios, what about newport brass / brass tech stuff? I reco a lot of them.

    is there a website I can go to to find out what manuf have to conform to the new law? and does that mean we'll see a lot more plastic stuff from now on


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    Re: lead free brass

    I think when a mfg. changes tooling to be compliant for an area they wish to sell in, it's just better business to make the whole line compliant.

    So, if they want to be present in California, which most do, they will have to be compliant. And if there going to do it there, it will make more sense to just make a lead free product.

    We'll see...



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      Re: lead free brass

      thanks, just looking for info. I just sold 2 of these systems to cust. last month and EVERYONE shops at costco (since they put the mom & pop stores out, but thats for another forum) - gotta be able to xplain my price difference


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        Re: lead free brass

        Originally posted by mike2101
        i guess you can find

        Thanks Mike for that useful SPAM


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          Re: lead free brass

          Sad story : A thrift ship had to Throw out all thier clothes beacuse a zipper might have a trace of lead !!!


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            Re: lead free brass

            ANYHING which touches water except a shower valve must comply with the new law, and cannot be sold in the state if it does not. If a store gets caugt bootlegging old inventory, the fines are steep.

            If you look at the "new" brass, it is yellow, and has a dull surface, compared to old stuff. All the compression adapters, shark bites, everything you find in the store lead compliant.