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UV rays on PVC pipe

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  • UV rays on PVC pipe

    Does any body know how long sch. 40 pvc pipe can be stored outside in sun? I've heard U V rays can damage some types of pipe.

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    Re: UV rays on PVC pipe page 44

    UV Exposure
    PVC, CPVC and ABS pipe can suffer surface discoloration when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight. UV radiation affects PVC, CPVC and ABS when energy from the sun causes excitation of the molecular bonds in the plastic. The resulting reaction occurs only on the exposed surface of the pipe and to the extremely shallow depths of .001 to .003 inches. The effect does not continue when exposure to sunlight is terminated.

    A two-year study was undertaken to quantify the effects of UV radiation on the properties of PVC pipe (See Uni-Bell's UNI-TR-5). The study found that exposure to UV radiation results in a change in the pipe's surface color and a reduction in impact strength. Other properties such as tensile strength (pressure rating) and modulus of elasticity (pipe stiffness) are not adversely affected.

    The presence of an opaque shield between the sun and the pipe prevents UV degradation. UV radiation will not penetrate thin shields such as paint coatings or wrappings. Burial of PVC, CPVC and ABS pipe provides complete protection against UV attack.

    The most common method used to protect above ground PVC, CPVC and ABS pipe from the sun is painting with a latex (water base) paint. Preparation of the surface to be painted is very important. The pipe should be cleaned to remove moisture, dirt, and oil and wiped with a clean, dry cloth. NOTICE: Petroleum-based paints should not be used, since the presence of petroleum will prevent proper bonding of paint to pipe.
    Reference: Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association 2001.
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