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I checked out the new AdvanTex today...

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  • I checked out the new AdvanTex today...

    There's not really a forum for this so I stuck it here.

    Orenco showed off their new shallow set ATT today. It's a pretty slick setup that can easily be retrofitted into an existing system without changing out the existing septic tank. It's going to make my job easier during start up as the floats are all factory set. It'll be easier when it comes time to pump the septic tank too as it won't be burried as deep as the previous tanks were. Less riser depth means easier cleaning.

    Here's a link

    We're starting to see sand filters failing in our area, these are going to be a slick retro fit.

    There was an article on it in last months Onsite Installer magazine.

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    Re: I checked out the new AdvanTex today...

    Well I didn't figure you guys would get a thrill out of this but I just had to post it. It's pretty exciting news to me!