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    Re: Online Suppliers?

    Originally posted by Don the plumber View Post

    We run the vent to an existing vent in the plumbing system. If they really want a new fixture added to their plumbing system it is the only way to do it. Any licensed plumber will explain that to the home owner.

    I did a job not to long ago where the home owner hired a handy hack to plumb in a shower in the basement powder room. When she went to sell the home the city came in and inspected the house and noted the shower was installed with out a permit, by an unlicensed individual, and improper venting (AAV) I had to bust out the tile floor they installed to gain access to the shower drain and run a proper vent for it, and the utility sink that they moved. As a plumber you know as well as I do the code is the code. You can not do something that is against your plumbing code just because it will cost more to do it right.
    I know about the cost factor, & agree 100%, to always install to code. However I think the venting issue in IL. is a little overboard.
    You say you tie into an existing vent in plumbing system, like its no big deal. But some of the jobs I've been on, this would involve tearing out walls, & ceilings, on 1st & 2nd floors, just to run a vent. And pretty soon you will even have to sub out demo work to an abatement co. More $$$$.

    Cost is an issue, in this economy, especially if you have to double the cost of plumbing job, just to run a vent. It may make customer scrap job, or hire a contractor to do it without permits. And I'm sure the plumbing system, will not drain, or be, any better or worse, whether there is an AAV, or a revent installed. Customer will never notice any difference.

    I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just trying to be realistic, in saying, that in most of the basement remodel jobs I've done, running a new vent, or revent, & having to tie it in above fixtures on 1st &/or 2nd floor, is unrealistic. If I have an avenue to pop a vent out the roof, to open air, I'm all for it, & agree that it is much better way to go. But if I don't, I have no problems with AAV's. Basically I would think it would steer customer away from permits, if they had to tear up finished off spaces, in house, just to run a revent.
    I guess that what their saying is, the water drains differently, down drains in IL. than it does elsewhere.TJMO.


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      Re: Online Suppliers?

      Originally posted by NoeEttica View Post
      WOW the city Inspects the House !

      Here in Fl During the Frenzy people were Buying houses and Hacking them from 2/1's to 3/2's then Re-selling them No permits any Inspections are Private ...

      That is one of the reasons one of the Cities out here are doing home inspections on houses for sale. To many buying them doing upgrades with out permits and doing them to code.
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        Re: Online Suppliers?

        Another thing about AAV's in IL. If they want to be such harda$$e$ against them, then they should also make it illegal to sell them. I bet you can go into any supply house, or home improvement store in IL. & buy one.

        Sorry we're off topic here everyone.
        Sewer Ratz, If you want to yell at me, on a new thread, I'm all ears.