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How strange things can happen

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  • How strange things can happen

    Yesterday I did a job at a duplex rental house. The landlord, who I know, helped me the whole timeI replaced 1 tub & shower faucet,2 lav faucets, fixed a couple toilets, and put some new ball valves in, and replaced water heater in basement. Everything went great.
    Today I get a call from landlord, telling me that he is over there, & there is water dripping out of ceiling on top of heater. He says it is coming from hot water pipe going to 2nd floor bathroom, & it looks like it is located somewhere between 1st & 2nd floor And of course he wants to blame me since I did all this work there yesterday. Says I must have moved a pipe to hard or something, causing a joint to come loose in wall above. Its all copper.
    So I have to screw up my day, & go over there, thinking I did something, unknowingly, to cause this.
    I get there, & sure enough, water dripping down vertical hot water pipe, going up through floor, above heater. I do some measuring, & find out where pipes go up to 2nd floor through 1st floor kitchen. I look down & there is newer baseboard molding installed. I pull the baseboard molding off, & sure enough a nail is going right through the hot water pipe in wall.
    Funny thing is, the baseboard molding was put up almost a year ago. Only thing I can speculate is that it broke the rust off the nail inside pipe, when I turned the water off, & back on yesterday. Well at least it turned into a $$$ job.
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    Re: How strange things can happen

    did he say he was sorry for blaming you at first

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      Re: How strange things can happen

      I got called back to a freezeup I had worked 6 months post-work for a screw into a piece of PEX... and again a month later for 3 more.

      The drywall work had been all done for 4 months


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        Re: How strange things can happen

        Originally posted by HVAC HAWK View Post
        did he say he was sorry for blaming you at first
        Of course not. But I will accept his check as apology.